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Dance Shoes – A Guide to Buying Ballroom Dancing Shoes

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000G1623C/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B000G1623C&linkCode=as2&tag=allaboutballr-20&linkId=7EL5SHODUQKUSKRAWhen selecting a ballroom dancing shoe, there are many considerations that come into play. For some, particularly those new to ballroom dancing, price may be a determining factor. Other criteria include comfort, protection, support and appearance.

Shoe sizing for ballroom dance shoes is different from that of ordinary shoes. The shoes are intended to fit more closely to the foot. There should not be any additional room in the toe of the shoe.

Also, ballroom dance shoes are almost always listed in British sizes. Because of these factors, it is very important to try the shoes on, and spend a while walking around in them to ensure they fit properly. If you have ordered the shoes online, walk around on a carpeted surface to check the fit. Once they have been worn on a hard surface, you will not be able to return them.

When deciding on a ballroom dance shoe, it is important to examine the construction of the shoe. Examining the stitching of the leather will tell you something about the quality of the shoe. Small even stitches indicate a quality shoe, while large, uneven stitches suggest that the shoe will not last long.

Additional hints of quality can be found by looking for other flaws, like sloppy gluing. Poor construction may not only lead to a short life for the shoe, it can damage a dancer’s foot. Be particularly watchful for sharp edges around the ankle or poorly constructed seams on the interior of the shoe that can cause chafing.

For women, a standard rule is not to buy black dance shoes if you are planning to compete. Women rarely wear black shoes in competition, it is better to wear flesh-colored, gold or bronze because these colors blend into the foot and make the leg appear longer.

The Internet offers a broad range of ballroom dance shoes. Although it’s not always easy to select a shoe from a photo, the savings and convenience are well worth it (unless you happen to live near a well stocked ballroom dancing shoe store, which is pretty unusual).

Bear in mind that most of the online shoe sources are very understanding about returns as long as the shoe has not been worn on a hard surface. If it’s not clear from reading the FAQ on the site, just ask them.

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Latin Dance Lessons – Learn from Michael Jackson Dance Moves

There is no denying that Michael Jackson was an icon of the 80′s and of pop music. Many people would have said just six months ago that his finest days were well behind him. In fact, many critics were speculating about how his upcoming tour would fare. Even today, it seems that people just can’t get enough of him. While there are many things he'll be remembered for, some of the most memorable will always be his dance moves.

One of the many reasons why Michael Jackson was so popular is that he combined his music with amazing dance moves. Many of us can remember dancing in high school to his songs, and mimicking various moves. Thriller is perhaps the one that most people remember as it had its own dance routine to it. Some of the guys even showed up at these dances with their white glove.

Who can forget the Moonwalk as well? It is debated about if Michael Jackson invented that dance move or not. Whether he did or not though, he is definitely the one that made it so popular. What many people believe is that the Moonwalk existed but that Michael Jackson was able to take it, perfect it, and to make it his own. In fact, it was often said to be his trademark dance move.

There are step by step instructions online to do the Moonwalk too if you are interested in it. Perhaps you once new it and you just need a refresher to get going with it again. There are quite a few videos online right now that take all of his dance moves from the past and put them into one place. This is a great way for you to see them and to appreciate all that this man offered to the world of dancing.

There are quite a few robotic dance moves that Michael Jackson introduced us to as well. These were actually introduced in the 1970′s. They weren’t moves that he did alone but that he did with several of his family members when they were known as the Jackson 5. Even so, when Michael Jackson did move forward with a solo career he continued these moves as well.

In Las Vegas there are plenty of impersonator shows. Several of them include Michael Jackson and it isn’t enough for these individuals to just look like him. Instead they also have to know the right dance moves to make it very realistic in nature. These dance moves weren’t just special effects but a definite part of his artistic abilities. There are very few people out there that can do them with the same high level of quality.

Michael Jackson will always be a legend in the world of pop music. Many of his dance moves are complex but that is one of the reasons why people lover to learn them. There is a revived interest in them too with the passing of this man, so you may state to see those dance moves in the clubs and other events once again.

The saying that everything old is new again is very true when it comes to the world of music and dancing to it.
What is very surprising for many people to learn is that Michael Jackson created almost all of his own dance moves. They weren’t choreographed by someone else as is the case for many artists.

With that in mind, you have to appreciate just how creative this man was. Anyone who has seen him perform live can tell you about the passion he had for dancing. He has definitely been an inspiration to dancers all over the world.

Dance Classes - The Benefits are More Than Just Dance Training

Dance Classes – Dance Classes – More Than Just Dance Training

Written by: Ballroom Dancing

Every week, children of all ages attend dance classes. They are filled with hopes and dreams of dancing like their favorite pop stars, rappers, ballerinas and celebrities. Girls and boys alike, energetically take the classes, while parents responsibly make sure they have transportation and the funds to attend.

Weekly classes provide technical training, body alignment, muscle control, rhythm, coordination and structure. The repetition of the training and the discipline of the techniques, create an amazing capability of movement and self-control of ones own body. These are such important elements in a child’s growth.

But what else is it about dance class that is so important to a child?

Structured dance programs give students confidence. When they learn to master a difficult step, technique or routine, it raises their self-esteem and allows them to be proud of something. It will give them the courage to show off the new accomplishment which helps them overcome shyness and feel a sense of appreciation for a job well done.

The exercise element is also a huge factor as to why dance classes are important. In the age of video games, children discover a physical activity that they enjoy doing. Most children have so much happiness about learning and participating in dance class that they do not even realize the extraordinary benefits they are receiving; such as team work, independent thinking, creativity, pride, discipline and structure.

When children are regular participants in a dance program they learn respect. Respect for the instructor, the other children and mostly, themselves. When a child can feel good about themselves, they open their minds to accomplish so many other things that are important for their well-being and healthy mental and physical growth. If you have ever spoken to an adult that attended dance classes as a child, it will be hard to find someone who has a negative opinion about the experience. Most will tell you how much it helped them in certain areas.

There is something special about the environment within a dance studios walls. Over the years, children grow and develop into happy, well-rounded adults. The transformation is beautiful to watch and an even greater experience to be involved in. There is nothing greater in this world than to be part of a child’s healthy, happy growth and development. As a dance teacher, it is my greatest joy.

As a parent, I encourage you to enroll your child in a local dance program. Talk to other parents for referrals and other children for opinions. Its important that the studio be a good fit for your child. Researching will help you make the right choice for both you and your child.

You have enrolled your child and are wondering how you can help make their experience better. Here are a couple handy tips:

Class Placement Proper placement in class is very important. There are a lot of fundamentals and techniques that the dancer must learn and master before they can move to a higher level. You would not enroll a child in algebra if they did not know how to add and subtract. Requesting or demanding that they be placed above their dance level will only discourage them and prevent them from reaching their full potential. Dance technique is not something you can ‘pick up’ along the way. Its a repetitive, structured process that forms a solid foundation for the dancer. Without a good, firm foundation, a dancer is more inclined to be injured and discouraged. Let the professionals place your child.

Class Conduct Bad behavior by your child should not be tolerated. It is not cute or funny when your child is misbehaving. And I can tell you with great confidence that the other parents who are paying for their own children to be learning are not happy with your child’s disruptions. No one thinks it is cute but you. This could be a great learning experience for the child about good and bad behavior and reward and punishment.

Gossip and Criticism Nothing will deflate your child’s experiences more than gossip and criticism. Your child is having a great character-building experience. Don’t tarnish it by constantly talking bad about the other parents, children and especially the instructor. How do you expect your child to ever learn respect for others when you are constantly criticizing the people involved. Gossip and criticism come directly from jealousy and envy and are bad lessons to teach your children. If you are that unhappy with the studio you are free to go somewhere else. If your child is the one gossiping and talking badly, you need to find out what the real problem is and find a solution. Its a great time to teach them about problem solving and how negative thinking and words are not the answer.

Using your child’s experiences and accomplishments from dance are a perfect opportunity for bonding between you and your child. Allow them to enjoy the experience and encourage them to share it with you. You will witness your child transforming into a well-adjusted, respectful, grateful and confident adult. Even if they never pursue a career in dance, the lessons that they will learn will benefit them the rest of their lives.

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Dance Fitness Shoes – Choosing the Right Shoes For Zumba Class

Dance Instructor – Dance Fitness Shoes – Choosing a Shoe For Zumba Class

Written by: Ballroom Dancing

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One of the most frequently asked questions I get as a Zumba instructor is regarding the type of shoe to wear. Zumba is a cardio exercise class that combines both dancing and fitness moves. A regular dance shoe will not have the shock absorption for the impact of exercise, and an athletic shoe that is strictly for training may not have the lightness and movement capabilities needed for dancing.

The answer is to get a dance-fitness or dance-aerobic shoe. With the increased popularity in dance-fitness classes such as cardio salsa, hip-hop fitness and Zumba, the shoe manufacturers have come out with a great assortment of aerobic type training shoes geared to the dance-fitness enthusiast. These shoes have multi-directional support and very little tread on the sole. They are lightweight and make it easy to pivot and glide across the floor.

When choosing the right shoes for your feet, read the reviews or descriptions online. If you have a wide foot, narrow foot, or high arch, for example, there may be a brand of shoe that is better suited for you. Nike and Ryka brands have a popular selection of dance aerobic shoes to choose from.

Adding a well-cushioned insert to the shoe will make it much more comfortable. Take out the insert that the shoe comes with and place in one that is designed specifically for cross training or aerobics. Replacing the inserts often will extend the life of the shoe itself.

Athletic shoes should be replaced every 3 to 6 months, depending on how much mileage you put on them. When you feel your knees and legs begin to ache after exercise it could mean that it is time to get a new pair of shoes.

In summary, the best shoe for a dance-fitness class is one that is lightweight, supportive and has little tread on the sole. Find one specifically made for dance-fitness or dance aerobics. When you are wearing the right shoes you will have a better exercise experience, you will stick to your exercising and you will have more fun.

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