Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dancing With The Stars Results

I hope everyone was able to watch all three nights of Dancing With The Stars, including the results show. This season looks like it'll be an exciting one. They've included ages from across the spectrum, so people of all ages should be tuning in and voting.

I haven't narrowed it down to a single favorite yet, but I have to say I wasn't too surprised that Josie was sent home. Alec, her dance partner, made a comment early on that Josie was unfit. I'm wondering how much, if any, did that affect her practice and performance? Anyway, I wish her well in whatever else she does.

I'd love to hear your comments about the show, your favorite dancer or anything else you'd like to say.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday.

He who doesn't hear the music thinks the dancer mad.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Who's On Dancing with the Stars?

The new season of Dancing with the Stars is about to start, and I thought I'd give you a quick rundown on who will be competing this season. It should be another interesting competition! If you won't be home, be sure to set the recorder!

The Women

Jane Seymour-At 56, she's the oldest woman on this season's show, but wow...we should all look so fabulous at 56! She says she hasn't had a dance lesson in 40 years but wanted to be a dancer when she was a little girl. She's hoping the herniated disk surgery she had in 2001 won't hinder her performance. I doubt seriously if that will present a problem.

Marie Osmond-Hard to believe little Marie is 47 years old. Even harder to believe she's a mother of eight! Still as pretty as she was when she was singing with Donny in the 70's. I look for her to go far in the competition.

Jennie Garth-She played Kelly Taylor on Beverly Hills 90210. Now she's a 35 year old mom of three and sees the show as a way to get back in shape after the birth of her third child, now 11 months old.

Melanie Brown-With a new daughter in April, a wedding in June and preparing for a Spice Girls tour, I'm not sure how this busy lady found time to be on the show. She's 32 years old and claims she could "tear that show apart". We'll see. She's also looking forward to wearing the costumes, so it'll be interesting to see what she chooses.

Josie Maran-A 29 year old Sports Illustrated model, Josie also has a 14 month old little girl and her own line of cosmetics. This may be the year to get your husband interested in the show. Tell him one of the SI's swimsuit models is competing.

Sabrina Bryan-She's the baby of the group at 22 and plays Dorinda in 'Cheetah Girls' on the Disney Channel. She's described as 'a bundle of energy'. Add youth on her side and she may be a force to be reckoned with.

The Men

Wayne Newton-Leads the men in life experience at 65 years old, but has had no dance training. He says his advantage will be that he understands rhythm. Understanding it doesn't necessarily equal keeping up with it, so this should be interesting.

Mark Cuban-The 49 year old billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks. He had a recent hip replacement (at 49? kinda young for a hip replacement, isn't it?) but he says it won't stop him. That remains to be seen. Dancing can be taxing even for someone with all their original parts.

Cameron Mathison-38 year old star of All My Children. It's already being predicted that he'll go a long way because of the loyalty of soap opera fans. If he's got dance talent as well, he could be a formidable opponent.

Helio Castroneves-At 32, this native Brazilian has won the Indianapolis 500 twice, driving 200 miles an hour. But can he handle the speed of the Jive and the Quick-Step? He says dancing with his fiancee makes him nervous. (and driving 200 miles an hour doesn't?)

Floyd Mayweather, Jr-Following in the footsteps of Evander Holyfield and Laila Ali, this 30 year old welterweight boxing champion hopes to become a champion on the dance floor as well.

Albert Reed-A 22 year old Abercrombie and Fitch model, this one's easy on the eyes, ladies. He's doing the show to honor his late grandfather who was an accomplished ballroom dancer. We'll see if dancing's in his genes. Even if it's not, this one will be fun to watch.

As always, the show will be fun and interesting and the excitement will build each week. Don't miss out on a single episode! Feel free to add your comments and post your favorites here!