Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dancing with the Stars-Do You Know About Their Cardio Dance DVD?

Maybe I've been sleeping too much lately, but I recently discovered Dancing With The Stars has released a Cardio Dance DVD! Anyone who reads this blog knows that I constantly stress the value of dance as a viable alternative to a workout at the gym, so I was thrilled to make this discovery.

I had no idea until a day or two ago that one of my favorite shows has produced a DVD that gives you a great cardio workout based on steps from favorite Latin dances like the Cha-cha, Samba and Paso Doble as well as the fast paced Jive.

No more boring workouts, no more dreading going to the gym. Pop the DVD in your player and dance your way to fitness and weight loss!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Have You Picked Your Favorite on Dancing with the Stars?

First of all, I'd like to remind everyone to remember Jane Seymour in your thoughts and prayers. She was unable to attend the results show last week due to the unexpected passing of her mother. Jane sent word that she will continue the competition as a tribute to her mom. Having lost my mother several years ago, I understand the pain she's going through and my heart goes out to her.

As to the show, two of the dancers have now been eliminated, though I must admit I was not completely surprised about Albert Reed. I feared for him from the beginning because he came into the competition without the backing of a large fan base that most of his competitors possess.

There should be no room for doubt in anyone's mind though, that the frontrunners are beginning to pull away from the crowd. There was a lot of talk after the show about the 5-way tie for 4th place. What that said to me was that there are a couple of dancers at the bottom who just aren't that good, a handful of dancers at the top who are exceptional, and a whole bunch in the middle that are just average.

Those who found themselves in 4th place better be ramping up their routines if they intend to stay and compete against the likes of Marie Osmond, Sabrina Bryan and ohmygod, hellooo Helio Castroneves! I have to agree with the woman in the audience who said "He makes my engine run." Must be the Latin blood. Based on many of the comments on the message boards at ABC, lots of women agree.

Don't forget to catch tonight's show!