Monday, April 04, 2011

Latin Dance Lessons – Learn from Michael Jackson Dance Moves
There is no denying that Michael Jackson was an icon of the 80′s and of pop music. Many people would have said just six months ago that his finest days were well behind him. In fact, many critics were speculating about how his upcoming tour would fare. Even today, it seems that people just can’t get enough of him. While there are many things he'll be remembered for, some of the most memorable will always be his dance moves.

One of the many reasons why Michael Jackson was so popular is that he combined his music with amazing dance moves. Many of us can remember dancing in high school to his songs, and mimicking various moves. Thriller is perhaps the one that most people remember as it had its own dance routine to it. Some of the guys even showed up at these dances with their white glove.

Who can forget the Moonwalk as well? It is debated about if Michael Jackson invented that dance move or not. Whether he did or not though, he is definitely the one that made it so popular. What many people believe is that the Moonwalk existed but that Michael Jackson was able to take it, perfect it, and to make it his own. In fact, it was often said to be his trademark dance move.

There are step by step instructions online to do the Moonwalk too if you are interested in it. Perhaps you once new it and you just need a refresher to get going with it again. There are quite a few videos online right now that take all of his dance moves from the past and put them into one place. This is a great way for you to see them and to appreciate all that this man offered to the world of dancing.

There are quite a few robotic dance moves that Michael Jackson introduced us to as well. These were actually introduced in the 1970′s. They weren’t moves that he did alone but that he did with several of his family members when they were known as the Jackson 5. Even so, when Michael Jackson did move forward with a solo career he continued these moves as well.

In Las Vegas there are plenty of impersonator shows. Several of them include Michael Jackson and it isn’t enough for these individuals to just look like him. Instead they also have to know the right dance moves to make it very realistic in nature. These dance moves weren’t just special effects but a definite part of his artistic abilities. There are very few people out there that can do them with the same high level of quality.

Michael Jackson will always be a legend in the world of pop music. Many of his dance moves are complex but that is one of the reasons why people lover to learn them. There is a revived interest in them too with the passing of this man, so you may state to see those dance moves in the clubs and other events once again.

The saying that everything old is new again is very true when it comes to the world of music and dancing to it.
What is very surprising for many people to learn is that Michael Jackson created almost all of his own dance moves. They weren’t choreographed by someone else as is the case for many artists.

With that in mind, you have to appreciate just how creative this man was. Anyone who has seen him perform live can tell you about the passion he had for dancing. He has definitely been an inspiration to dancers all over the world.