Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Getting started is easy!

I've heard so many people make the statement "I'd like to learn how to ballroom dance, but I've got two left feet...I just can't dance". I want to encourage anyone who has ever had the slightest desire to dance to pursue it! If you can walk, you can learn to dance.

Ballroom dancing is, put simply, merely steps. Some forward steps, some back steps, some side steps. When combined in a series, and with music as the background, you're dancing. No one comes into this world knowing how to walk, read a book or drive a car. These are all learned skills, and so is ballroom dancing. Granted, for some it may come easier, (it helps to have an innate sense of rhythm), but every skill needed to become proficient on the dance floor can be acquired.

Television shows like 'Ballroom Bootcamp' and 'Dancing with the Stars' have proven that people with no former knowledge of dancing can become quite talented on the dance floor. It takes proper instruction and yes, it does require practice. But what skill doesn't? It takes practice to learn anything new. Knowledge of dancing is something that, once learned, will bring a lifetime of enjoyment.

Getting started couldn't be easier. Look in your local phone book, find a studio, call them and
sign up for a beginner's group class. Don't worry about looking silly, everyone there will be just like you, a beginner! The instructors see beginners every single day. You don't need a partner, but if you have one, it's a wonderful experience to share. Group classes are usually very reasonably priced and meet about once a week for an hour for 6 to 8 weeks. They're a lot of fun, you'll meet lots of really nice people (ballroom dancers as a whole are some the nicest people you'll ever know) and you'll be amazed at how good it makes you feel!