Monday, February 27, 2006

The Next Ballroom Dancing Movie Features Antonio Banderas

This should be a great movie! "Take the Lead" is inspired by the true story of a high school teacher (played by Antonio Banderas) and the class of "rejects" he must teach. The students literally laugh in his face when he tells them he will be teaching ballroom dancing. It will be in theatres April 7 and I, for one, can hardly wait!
You can check out the trailer for the movie at

I look forward to seeing how learning to ballroom dance impacts these teenager's lives. I know firsthand the benefits that dancing offers, many of which have little to do with the physical act of dancing. The poise, grace and balance that develop naturally as a direct result of maintaining the frame while gliding across the floor, the boost of self confidence that comes from accomplishing a goal and the general feeling of euphoria that settles over you even after you leave the studio...what a natural high! I wonder what kind of difference it would make in our future society if ballroom dancing was introduced in schools across the country?