Saturday, April 22, 2006

Tip Number Nine for Beginners

Enjoy all the non-dancing benefits of ballroom dancing. Through your dancing, you will discover a boost in self-confidence, an increase in balance and an improvement in posture. Through your dancing, you will raise your heart rate, thus improving your cardiovascular health. Through your dancing, you will meet new people, make new friends, improve your social skills, and possibly establish new business contacts.

The dance floor is a great equalizer. In a beginning class, everyone is a beginner, whether they're a doctor or lawyer, a construction worker, waitress or school teacher. For that hour each week, the stresses of daily life simply melt away as you immerse yourself in learning the steps, listening to the music and connecting with your partner. It's great therapy and a lot cheaper than a psychiatrist!

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Have a great weekend....invite someone to go ballroom dancing!