Monday, April 10, 2006

Tip Number Five for Beginners

What should you wear to class? The attire worn to ballroom dance classes is as varied as the people who attend them. Some people wear jeans or slacks, women can opt to dance in skirts or dresses. In warmer climates, like we have here in Louisiana, some students arrive in shorts. Personally, I prefer to dance in a full skirt or dress. Feeling the fabric of the skirt swirling around my body as I turn and spin enhances the whole dance experience for me. I believe that skirts or dresses, accessorized with heels, are the most aesthetically appealing attire that women can wear when ballroom dancing. What's your opinion?

Perhaps the most important consideration is to wear clothes that are comfortable, perhaps a little on the loose side, to allow you the freedom to move without constriction. You should wear clothes that are clean, casual and comfortable for your lessons.

Another thing to consider when choosing your apparel is temperature. Do you tend to be hot-natured or cold-natured? Many studios keep their thermostats a little on the cool side, so if you chill easily, you may be tempted to wear a sweater or long-sleeved shirt. In most cases, I would advise against this. Believe it or not, your body temperature will increase as you dance, to the point that some people actually perspire. A short-sleeved, lightweight shirt will probably serve you well. If you feel the need, wear a sweater over your blouse or shirt. Then you can take it off as you begin to warm up.

Casual, comfortable attire is perfect for classes or private lessons. Attending a studio dance or competition usually dictates more dressy apparel. We'll look at that a little later on. Until then, practice, practice, practice!