Sunday, April 09, 2006

Tip Number Four for Beginners

Don't let yourself get discouraged! You'll probably come away from those first few classes feeling a bit overwhelmed and letting negative thoughts invade your head, telling you that you'll never get it right. Simply not true! Even though learning a new dance can seem intimidating, and you might feel you'll never remember which step goes where, trust me when I tell you, it will all come together, given time....and practice.

Fortunately, you probably can't remember back when you were two and first learning to walk. How many times do you suppose you fell on your tushie before you actually made it all the way across the room?What if you had told yourself to just give up, this is too hard, I'll never learn this? I guess we'd all still be crawling!

No, don't give up. When you get home, try to repeat at least some of the steps you learned during that first class. But even if you can't remember anything by the time you get to your car, the next class almost always starts with a review of the last class. If you'll stick to it for the duration of the 6 or 8 week session, you'll come out on the other end with a working knowledge of some basic moves under your belt (or maybe I should say under your feet). That's a promise.