Friday, June 16, 2006

Ballroom Dancing-Salsa in Southern California

When I say Salsa, I'm not talking about the hot sauce! I'm talking about the hot dance! I've taken a number of ballroom dance lessons over the years, but somehow never got around to learning Salsa dancing. Well, last night that changed. I finally had the opportunity to check out one of the casinos in this area that offers FREE Salsa lessons!

I was a bit skeptical on my way there, wondering if it would be a waste of time. You know the old saying, 'you get what you pay for', and I knew nothing about who was teaching or how much they actually knew. After two hours, I left with no less than 10 Salsa steps added to my dancing repertoire, and was thrilled to have found a new source to fuel my love for dancing.

I also learned that the instructor has a website, which I checked out when I got home. It's a great site, full of great information and some terrific links to other sites. His name is Luis, and Latin rhythm seems to flow in his blood. Check out his site!

Another site definitely worth a look-see is I discovered this one while navigating through Luis' site. If you're in Southern California, be sure to visit both sites and discover how much dancing is going on, and how many places you can find lessons, even in the absence of traditional dance studios.

No matter where you live, if there are no studios in your area, do a little may find there are dance lessons available in some unexpected places. After coming home from the casino, (where, by the way, on my way out I stuck $5 in a slot machine and won $12!) I discovered, with the help of , I can take West Coast swing lessons at a Senior Center on Monday nights, Ballroom lessons at a local restaurant on Tuesday nights, and Salsa lessons at two different casinos on Wednesday and Thursday nights! Some require a nominal fee, and some are absolutely free!

See you on the dance floor!!